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Health is everything
...but not only!

Health is paramount value. Fulfilling your dreams and aspirations and following designated paths is largely dependent on the state of our body. To enjoy good health, you need to take care of both physical activity and proper, balanced diet. Many health problems arise as a result of improper diet, so it is so important to include adequate amount of vitamins and trace elements in the daily diet.

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Belief in the possibility
...it's just the beginning!

We realize that diet composition alone is sometimes confusing. So we want to make our camps not only help to lose weight, but also teach how to eat healthy food - so to make it possible to continue good eating habits when you return to your daily duties. Single camp lasts 7 days, during which you will be under the supervision of our experienced nutritionists.

New offer: detox juices weekends that will support effective detoxing the body of toxins and will have positive impact on well-being.

They've trusted us

katarzyna zawadzka

‘I am very grateful to Szablewski Health Institute for introducing me the fruits and vegetables diet and warm welcome.’

Katarzyna Zawadzka

kamila kalińska

The Health Institute knows how important is to harmoniously integrate the diet and physical activity’

Kamila Kalińska

manager in international
fitness company
marzena pokrzywińska

‘I am thankful to The Institute for the new approach to health eating’

Marzena Pokrzywińska

actress, model, stylist, Gudejko agency
robert zuchniewicz

‘The fruit and vegetable diet is a good idea for everyone who wants to strengthen their health effectively’

Robert Zuchniewicz


What makes us

turnusy odchudzające

We teach

Good eating habits
that you will continue!


Effective diet
adapted to each body type.

of dishes

Balanced, rich in vitamins
and trace elements.


We take into account all kinds of diets


Adjusting to
nutritional needs.

Learn more
about our cooking

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Price list

Our weight-loss camps consist of 7 days under the supervision of our experienced nutritionists. Diet vacations include fruit and vegetable diet, diet of 1200 kcal and diet natural diet.

Start your stay under the supervision of a specialist in the promotional price 1345 PLN / person.!

Weekend juice detox - only 350 PLN / person.

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Dates in 2017 available now!

wczasy odchudzające kadra


Our staff is a team of experienced nutritionists and doctors, who have been inspired by new practices to create a balanced and effective diet, tailored to the specific dietary requirements of our customers.

In the interests of our specialists is prevention through diet. Working with a wide range of customers allows to keep improve our operations.

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Our site uses cookies for web statistics usage, advertising and to enhance your user experience.