Turnusy dietetyczne

Dr. Ewa Dabrowska’s weight-loss diets - 1150 PLN/person!

How to spend your leave effectively? On our camps you will lose weight and learn a lot about health food!

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Zrzucić zbędne kilogramy

  • poznasz zasady zdrowego żywienia
  • będziesz ćwiczyć pod okiem trenerów
  • dowiesz się, jak utrzymać efekty diety
  • wyeliminujesz ze swojej diety niezdrowe składniki
  • otrzymasz jadłospis na każdy dzień

Turnusy odchudzające
z dietą dr Dąbrowskiej

  • nawet 5 kilogramów
  • lepsze samopoczucie
  • trwałe efekty
turnusy odchudzające
wczasy oczyszczające

Oczyścić organizm

  • poprawisz stan zdrowia
  • wyleczysz się w naturalny sposób
  • skorzystasz z bezpłatnych badań wrażliwości na alergeny
  • spotkasz się z dietetykiem i zasięgniesz jego porady
  • oczyścisz nie tylko ciało, ale i umysł

Turnusy oczyszczające
dr Dąbrowskiej

  • poprawa metabolizmu
  • lepsza koncentracja
  • równowaga

The price includes

dr. Ewa Dabrowska’s weight-loss diets

1150 PLN/person!

The price includes:

  • morning exercises in the open air under the supervision of physiotherapist,
  • 2 times a week gymnastics abdomen, buttocks and thighs,
  • interesting lectures on nutrition,
  • practical demonstration of preparing healthy dishes,
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner),
  • any tea sets available during meals,
  • buffet fruit - 1 time during stay,
  • in case of intolerance to the vegetable and fruit diet, the elimination of free-tolerated ingredients,
  • all day reception,
  • Internet Wi-Fi,
  • Rental of Nordic Walking sticks,
  • Children's Playground,
  • spacious recreation area with volleyball, football and badminton,
  • monitored parking

You are what you eat - reads fairly well known saying and we fully agree with it. Especially adequate nutrition keeps the body healthy.

We offer you a slimming diet with health-oriented character, where properly balanced meals will stimulate the proper functioning of the body. Proper diet was composed basing on the experience of Dr. Med. Ewa Dabrowska, who supports our institute medically. There will be individual consultations with Mrs. Doctor. The program of weight loss camps will also feature interesting lectures, among others:

  • Fruit and vegetable diet, or post that heals.
  • Allergies and intolerances.
  • Glycemic index foods - our friend!
  • Why do we eat too much, why we eat poorly?

Morning nordic walking

During diet camps

Dieta ewy dąbrowskiej

Ewa Dąbrowska diet

for adults (cleansing and slimming), whose aim is to cleanse the body of toxins caused by inadequate nutrition. Vegetable-fruit diet is also education on proper nutrition, dietetics and / diabetic /atherosclerotic prevention and many other diseases. Vegetable-fruit raw diet which is more restrictive than the basic version. It is based solely on raw products, unmanufactured. This diet is very alkalizing properties (body deacidification) and antioxidant. It provides the body with large amounts of vitamins, minerals, bioactive nutrients, and also activates enzymes.

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