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Dymaczewo Nowe
25 km from Poznań

3-star hotel Szablewski is located away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, 25 km from Poznań, in a picturesque village surrounded by forests and lakes of the Wielkopolski National Park. The guests of the hotel can enjoy a tennis court, an exclusive sauna, rental of recreational equipment and a fireplace.

There is also a bar and a parking place. The offer of our hotel also includes adventure sports such as ballooning, climbing wall portion, or quads. As part of the active recreation, guests can play paintball or take part in orienteering and survival trips.

From the windows of the hotel you can see the mesmerizing view on the Łódzko-Dymaczewskie lake. The charming surroundings is the best for long walks and biking. The nature around the hotel is perfect for relaxation regardless of the season.

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Środa Wielkopolska
35 km from Poznań

In the heart of Wielkopolska, just 35 km from Poznań, is 3-star Hotel Szablewski famous for its’ high standard – with restaurant, spa and health salon with a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub. Every room has the access to a wireless Internet.

We offer various treatments for face and body to our guests – you can also enjoy massage (chocolate and rose for example). The Hotel Szablewski also offers you relaxing baths in a specialized tub, in a water with salt and moinerals. Środa Wielkopolska is a city with the interesting history, it is a place perfect for enthustiasts of monuments – with market and the old town with the old 14-20th century layout retained.

The regions of Środa Wielkopolska are also the area unique in terms of nature. It is where the Protected Landscape Area is - with numerous peat bogs, which are home for over 200 species of birds.

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The philosophy of
Health Institute

Our challenge is to promote a healthy lifestyle – both physical activity that fits to one’s need and balanced diet. The health is the most important value – we can make our dreams come true thanks to good health. In our Institute we all agree that what makes us avoid the majority of diseases a proper diet, based on natural products.

Each of our guests is treated individually, we listen to your needs to create the most satisfying nutritional plans. We want to spread the knowledge of how important for our health it is to refrain from eating. It is not a popular approach in Poland and this is why we rely on foreign intitutions’ experience – they proved the positive effects of this method. Withdrawing sickness condition and positive influence on the mental condition are proven to be the most important effects of starvation and half-starvation diets. The other significant aspect is weight-loss, which is important for many of our guests. We are proud to say that we get feedback about the fact that our camps helped at significantly reducing the amount of medication taken. Some of our guests had stopped taking medicines.

Health is paramount. Fulfilling your dreams, aspirations and the aiming designated paths is largely dependent on the condition of our body. To enjoy a good health, you need to take care of both physical activity and proper, balanced diet.

Weight-loss camp – for health!

Many health problems emerge as a result of improper diet, so it is important to include in the adequate amount of vitamins and trace elements in the daily diet. What makes us diffrent? We realize that composing diet by oneself may sometimes be confusing.

That is the reason why we want to make our stays not only being able to help at weight-loss, but also learn how to eat healthy - to be able to continue good eating habits when you return to your daily duties. Single camp last 7 days, during which you will be under the supervision of our experienced nutritionists.


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