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Healthy swimming in air hole

Strengthen your body!

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Swimming in the lake

Winter in the air hole

Health Institute is located by the Łódzko-Dymaczewskie lake. Regardless of the season, our guests will be able to enjoy swimming in it. For our guests we organize winter health baths in the air-hole.

Cold water & health

What we care about the most is to promote a healthy lifestyle and solutions that will allow you to enjoy good health for many years, which is why we promote strengthening the body through the winter swimming in ice-cold water. It stimulates the circulation and also makes the skin looks younger, and at the same time it has a beneficial effect on the immunity system – it prevents from cold and viruses.

The regular winter baths have good influence on immunity to respiratory diseases. Baths leads to relief for osteoarthritis and rheumatic problems – it’s an excellent option for joint diseases. Bathing in cold lake water is also advantegous as therapeutic elements in the states of depression. The positive impact on a stabilization of emotional states was also observed.


You can enjoy winter swimming in the cold water not only in the sea waves. The picturesque surroundings of Lake Łódzko-Dymaczewskie is place which is ideal and friendly to amateurs of icy bath. During winter on the frozen lake surface we tear the hole in the ice – we choose the place suitable for a bath – with water no higher than the waist.

Anyone can systematically enjoy ice swimming, regardless of age. For winter swimming the most important is consistency – the time of a bath, which is not an effort for the body, becomes longer proportionally to regularity of sessions. The only contraindicatios to not take icy bath are heart problems.

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Preparing to the swimming session

Those experienced in the ice swimming, enter the water in two ways - immediately, or after a long warm-up - a second way is usually recommended due the good effects of starting the swimming having the already higher heart rate. After warm-up, you should quickly remove the overcoat and enter the water in swimming suit.

The key is to have a good night’s sleep before ice swimming and be just few hours after the last meal. What is also very important on the day of the swimming session is that we should abstain from coffe, cigarettes or alcohol. Even if one thinks that some alcohol makes the body worm, it is absolutely inadvisable, in particular right before entering the water. One should remember that in the moment we enter the water, we should be calm but decided.

Short session

Swimming in cold water (temperature close to 0 ° C) should last only a few minutes. Longer baths may result in frostbite and hypothermia – to strengthen the organism it is enough to stay in water for 5 minutes. For safety the group swimming is recommended, regardless of experience.

Once out of the water our body is exposed to temperatures often lower than the temperature of the water, which is why we need to warm up. You need to be quickly dried and dressed up, and then it is good to get something hot to drink.

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