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Ewa Dąbrowska diet

The main purpose of the diet is to detox the body of toxins, bring back its inner balance and precent the risks associated with excess body acidity.

Antioxidation and de-acidification of the body

It is used due to the de-acidifying and antioxidant properties. In our Institute the fruit and vegetable diet is applied for 7 days. Our guests are also given food boxes for the next 3 days after the camp to safely and slowly finish the detoxing diet.

Strengthen your body!

Ewa Dabrowska’s diet is a way to strengthen your body. It is recommended to eat raw vegetables and fruits because they retain the most vitamins and nutrients. Fruit and vegetable therapy is designed to balance the intestinal flora and strengthen the overall condition of the body. The body subjected to such a diet receives large amounts of vitamins, bioactive nutrients and minerals necessary for the proper functioning.

Dieta dąbrowskiej
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calorie diet

for people who are overweight and obese. The aim of this scheme is to reduce weight. During our tours of weight loss nutrition program is determined on the basis of an accurate translation of the energy value of the food you eat. Sets of dishes are prepared on the basis of products with a low glycemic index, and the energy value of meals is limited to 1200kcal.


(Wholesome) for adults and children based on healthy food adapted to the climate in which the products are used with high nutritional quality.

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