dieta dąbrowskiej boksy

Food boxes

Have no stress returning to your duties

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Food boxes

dr Ewa Dąbrowska Diet

The experience of our experts is available is available for our guests even after the camp is finished.

Food boxes constist are equivalent of meals for 3 days. The boxes are prepared to help you maintain the diet or safely return to your previous eating habits.

boxy żywieniowe dąbrowska

We help after the camp!

Food boxes to maintain the diet - made for guests who are convinced to continue the Ewa Dąbrowska’s diet.

  • easy way to a new eating habits,
  • you have time to buy the right products,
  • you can plan the menu for next days with no rush.

Support after returning home

Food boxes to end the diet - made for guests who will not continue the diet after returning from the camp.

  • you avoid the sudden end of the diet
  • safe way to return to your old eating habits.

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