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In our Institute we make professional tests for food intolerances, which by marking an excessive amount of antibodies dietary proteins in the blood, let reliably determine the factor which the body can not tolerate. To raise the quality of the results should drink water an hour before the examination. The tests are safe and accurate, and the results are already available after about an hour.

Our specialists will make sure that the test procedure was performed correctly, and the results will be interpreted by them honestly.

product groups:

  • fruits: oranges and lemons, grapefruit, apple, black currant, Cantalupa melon, watermelon, olives, strawberries, tomatoes,
  • vegetables: cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, celery, potato, leek, pepper,
  • grains: wheat (gluten) and durum wheat, maize, rye, oats,
  • meat: chicken, pork, beef, lamb,
  • seafood: salmon, trout, shellfish, tuna, haddock, cod, flounder,
  • dairy products: eggs, milk,
  • nuts and legumes: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, peas, beans, lentils, soybeans,
  • other: garlic, ginger, mushrooms, tea, yeast.

Contraindications to
carry out the tests

  • long-term total diet which excludes the product,
  • blood clotting problems,
  • taking antibiotics, immunosuppressive drugs, debilitating immune system and the production of IgG antibodies,
  • long-term steroid session.

In recent years, awareness of food intolerance is much greater than before. And although people attracted more and more attention to what they eat and how different products can affect their body, many people still do not realize, which factors act negatively on their health.

Products, which the body does not tolerate, do not have to be necessarily a direct threat to life, however, can affect the psyche, mood and overall physical condition. Overlapping intolerance symptomps to some products may have already drastically affect our health. It is also important to remember that food intolerance and food allergy are two different problems. In the case of allergies, we have to deal with faster and more dangerous reaction of the body.

Tests for food intolerance are not only designed for people who already saw worrying symptoms. Complex symptoms of food intolerance may become apparent only after a few hours or even a few days later, making it difficult to associate them with a specific product. For this reason, we make sure that our body properly reacts to products consumed before the body's responses will begin in earnest to disturb functioning. Often, after diagnosis, people affected by intolerance observe that the symptoms typical for the problem, accompanied them by years.

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For our guests
the following measurements are for free:

  • body weight in kg,
  • fat mass in %,
  • the mass of muscle tissue in kg,
  • total body water content in %
  • bone mass in kg,
  • metabolic age,
  • physique rating (independent of weight loss, differences in the proportion of body fat and muscle mass)
  • indicator of visceral fat,
  • BMI,
  • BMR basal metabolic rate kcal.

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