Conference rooms

We provide a professional facilities for conferences, seminars, business meetings, occasional events and activities. Located in building 3 multi-functional, air-conditioned rooms and a small business room, are equipped with modern conference equipment:

  • multimedia projectors
  • overhead projector
  • DVD and VHS players
  • screens (also mobile screens)
  • sound system
  • wireless internet access

Some of it can be combined, which provides comfort and momentum of organized conference.

The “Mirror” Hall enables entry to the inside with three passenger cars, making it ideal place for training for car dealers and car dealerships.

Sala m2 układ szkolny układ U kinowy kinowy  rzutnik Świtało dzienne ceny / h
 VIP Hall
20 8 10 12 YES
YES   to negotiate
Ballroom 300 180 150 250 YES YES   to negotiate
120 50 70 100 YES YES   to negotiate
60 30 30 50 YES YES   to negotiate