Conference rooms

We organize conferences, training sessions and business meetings. The air-conditioned conference rooms have full technical facilities. The extensive range will meet with the expectations of the most demanding customers. In the largest of the rooms, we can organize a conference or training for up to 180 people.

Moreover, we offer covered space for up to 1000 guests, to prepare barbecue or bonfire, multipurpose court and billiard room.

One of the best ways of making connections and strengthening existing ones is certainly fun together. Thanks to the experience we offer a diverse range of integration programs for different audiences. Corporate events, integrations and festivities in the opinion of our guests are very successful.

The location of the Inter Szablewski Hotel*** conducive to outdoor activities we offer include:

  • sightseeing tours,
  • off-road rides – britzka, sleigh rides and horseback riding,
  • extreme sports - hot-air ballooning, rock climbing, riding quads,
  • water sports - sailing, rowing,
  • paintball, survival, orienteering,
  • sports competitions - Played volleyball, archery,
  • other games and fun performances,
  • picnics.

Sala m2 układ szkolny układ U kinowy  rzutnik Świtało dzienne cena / h
Ballroom 133 150 70 240 YES
YES   to negotiate
Hall 5 60 40 35 50 YES YES  
to negotiate
Hall 6 29 20 15 30 YES YES  
to negotiate
Hall TV 29 20 15 30 YES YES  
to negotiate
Hall 101 41 30 25 35 YES YES  
to negotiate
Hall 7 27 15 10 25 YES YES  
to negotiate
Hall 8 27 15 10 25 YES YES  
to negotiate